The beauty of Vietnam appear in Kong Skull island | Halong Bay Airport

The beauty of Vietnam appear in Kong Skull island

Tan Hoa villages in Quang Binh

When production began there in October 2015, part of the tribal village was shot in Hawaii while in Vietnam itself, the rest of it was filmed, the final on location shooting set in March 2016. In between, the cast and crew filmed the plane crash scene in Australia. All of these seamlessly merge on the large screen, creating a jaw-dropping universe that makes audience absolutely immersed in and enchanted by the great movie.

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The set in Ninh Binh

Tan Hoa villages in Quang Binh

Tan Hoa villages in Quang Binh- source: internet

Under heavy rain, the ground becomes muddy and slippery. And, even though the village is still under construction at some parts, this will not take away from the awe of experiencing it firsthand. The craftsmanship of the huts and the details put into the props (vegetables, bowls hanging on the walls of the hut, campfires, etc.) can definitely convince the viewers that it is a real village populated by an actual tribe.

Halong Bay in kong skull island

Halong Bay

Halong Bay- source: internet

The filming set in Halong Bay is only based on the exceptionally natural landscapes. Like a giant ink painting with thousands of islands, Halong Bay is almost intact and unaffected by human.

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Halong Bay appear n Kong Skull Island

Halong Bay appear n Kong Skull Island- source: internet

The hair, makeup and body paints

It is the visit at the makeup tent where you can get to see how the look of the Iwi people, the indigenous tribe on Skull Island, is created is the real highlight of this discovery journey. As the tribe mostly wore blue and red, the villagers, played by local Vietnamese village dwellers, have their body painted with corresponding hues and wear different colored costumes. Every day, the intricate patterns are painted painstakingly onto the villagers, there are paper sheets with the correct body paint style and pattern for each type of villager pasted around the makeup mirrors so that the makeup artists are able to keep track of their look and keep the continuity.

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