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The beauty of Hoian in 2017

the beauty of Hoian
Hoian, Da Nang is an ancient city of Vietnam. Travel to Hoian, you may be have a chance to see hundred-year houses and the charming beaches in Cua Dai and Cu Lao Cham.  I prefer Hoian in wet days. Had a week in this old quarter. I’ll share some exciting and useful experiences about traveling to Hoian in the monsoon season for you.
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the beauty of Hoian

the beauty of Hoian- source: internet

When is the monsoon season in Hoian?

From September to December each year is the monsoon season. By the time, floods often go through so the local people and tourists in here usually travel by boat. That means you would have some difficulties in living, however, you would have a very exclusive experience of boating around the water quarter. So I decided to lend a boat to explore the town in a different way that I hadn’t done before. In the late afternoon, my boat dropped in the 2nd floor of a small cafe.

the beauty of Hoian

the beauty of Hoian- source: internet

Why should you travel to Hoian in the flood season?

If you come at the time that Hoian is flooded, remember that it is often at least ground floor levels of some houses. In the monsoon months, the weather becomes colder, you can avoid sweaty days as in other time.

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Heading for historic houses or museums, or spending your whole day in tailors’ shops to order up the perfect outfit would be comfortable for rainy days. The days that I was in Hoian, it rained a lot. Hoian,Vietnam looked like a fishing village with a strange beauty that I hadn’t seen before. Had worried about such weather as I couldn’t swim and I was afraid of water, I thought I could not waste my own vacation like that.  You see, traveling to Hoian in the monsoon season would be the fantastic thing that you should try. While contemplating the amazing scene, I was having a funny talk with the local person on the boat.

The monsoon season is coming. If you love to visit Hoian in an exclusive way in rainy days, just make your plan right now!

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