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Top night markets to visit in Vietnam – Part 1

Dishes to enjoy in Hanoi night market

Though Hanoi capital city and Halong City have their own charms, Hanoi is famous for the long-term history of development and culture while Halong is well known for the UNESCO Heritage Site of Halong Bay, they share the similarity when it comes to nightlife. It is the local night market. To get more information, you

The charm of Halong beach by night

An overnight cruise is a great choice to explore Halong Bay

Famous for its natural stony creations, Halong Bay is an astonishing place of special historical, cultural and scientific interest in Vietnam. With magnificent scenery of thousands of limestone mountains hiding breathtaking grottoes floating on the sea water, Halong Bay unsurprisingly draws millions of domestic and international travelers every year. The charm of this world natural

A motorbike ride to Sapa town – an experience to remember

A chance to know more about the locals

If you are brave enough and find it boring to cover the distance of 380 kilometres from Hanoi to the mountainous area of Sapa – one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam by train or coach, a motorbike adventure is such a great way choice. To get more information, you can click: The best

Is fresh seafood in Halong a nice gift?

Ngan is not only delicious but also nutritous

Bestowed with nourish variety of rare, precious, delicious and nutritious seafood by the Mother of Nature, Halong Bay, which is the most famous for its magnificent scatter of islands, scenic ocean karst topography, fresh atmosphere and hospitable fishermen, attracts not only backpackers, photographers but also food lovers. To get more information, you can click: Travel

Highlight of 12 colourful flower seasons in Vietnam

Red Phuong and high school girls in Hanoi

May is the first month of summer, the special season for almost all students in the world. Vietnamese ones are no exception. In this S-shaped country, when the crickets sing in the tree, many cities are covered by a blanket of red, yellow and purple. Let’s me take you a short tour around many main