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How to get from Hoian to Hanoi

Ride a motorbike from Hoian to Hanoi

You want to go to Hanoi – the beautiful capital city of Vietnam after spending enough time discovering Hoian ancient town, then, how to get from Hoian to Hanoi is what you need to know. You can see more: centre Vietnam travel packages Hoian to Hanoi by bus The distance between Hoian – Quang Nam and

How to catch a taxi in the early morning in Danang airport

Taxi in Danang

Thanks to its spacious roadways, bridges, and walkways as well as budget-friendly public transportation, it is fairly convenient to get around in Danang compared to other cities in Vietnam. Danang City, which is known as the South Central Vietnam’s tourist capital, has to offer plenty of sightseeing, shopping and dining opportunities available within its centre.

Visiting Ben Thanh Market – The symbol of Saigon

Visitors coming to Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is one of the oldest markets in Sai Gon and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. This is a destination not to be missed when coming to the city more than 300 years old. Visitors to the Ben Thanh market are not only looking for goods or souvenirs but

Where to go for meal in Mui Ne & Phan Thiet

Cham Garden Restaurant

There are plenty of restaurants in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet that offer more than only Vietnamese specialties and fresh seafood delicacies from the East Sea. While most locals live on fishing, Mui Ne caters to foreign travelers with expat-owned restaurant and luxurious hotel restaurants serving Asian, American, French and Italian dishes.Mui Ne Beach is

How to choose the best cruise in Halong Bay for honeymoon

Visit poetic flaoting villages in Halong Bay

Poetic Floating Villages in Halong Bay Running away from the bustling and dynamic city centers, you and your wife/husband should come to cherish the peaceful moments in some poetic floating villages there. The fishing villages including Ba Hang, Vung Vieng and Cua Van look extremely clean, peaceful and friendly enough to be these perfect stopovers

Wrong things you might know about cruising in Halong Bay

Food on board are diversified and delicious

If you ask anyone who have never experienced a cruise trip before about how they think about the cruise in Halong Bay, you may get some common but possibly wrong answers such as crowded bay, small and simple cabins, limited entertainment and people from different countries and background. Once coming to Halong Bay VSpirit Junk

Top 5 Delicious Foods In Halong Bay

Horseshoe Crab, a must-try seafood among most famous foods in Halong Bay

Halong Bay cruise has many food wonders to satisfy your desires, from the fresh flavor of the sea to delightful tasty salads prepared in small batches. Eat what you love, or have smarter choices from our top 5 delicious foods in Halong Bay below: Taste & Feel | Famous Foods In Halong Bay Squid Sausage

Cultural cuisine in Halong

Banh Gat gu

Halong is known as a striking tourist destination all over the world. Traveling to Halong you have chance to explore many beautiful landscapes, experience interesting activities and enjoy special traditional seafood. Hereunder are top 9 delicious specialties that clearly show the beauty of cultural cuisine in Halongm please check: Dragon Pearl cruises Cha Muc Halong (Halong

How to choose Cooking Class in Vietnam

Saigon Cooking Class

Gioan Cooking Class At Gioan Cookery School in the heart of Hoian Ancient town by the Hoian River, you will have a private and personalized cooking experience. You can choose any time of day to learn, choose the number of dishes you would like to cook (3, 4 or 5) and choose from a reduced