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Phu Quoc Island attractions

Duong Dong Market

Not only limited to its stunning beaches, Phu Quoc Island attractions also extends to Buddhist shrines, historical sites and fishing villages that have stayed the test of time. In spite of the rise of high-end beach resorts, international dining venues and modern facilities, during their holiday, travelers can still enjoy plenty of sightseeing chances. Pelican cruise

Top things to do in Danang

Hai Van is popular amongst thrill-seeking motorcyclists

Top things to do in Danang offer travellers of any ages, lifestyle and personality a new perspective of the bustling coastal town. Thanks to a number of tour operators available within the center of the city, travelers will easily experience and enjoy many fun things in Danang’s countryside and verdant mountains. Paradise cruisesDanang off-road tours The

Where to buy beautiful Ao Dai in Hanoi

Some designs of Ao Dai in Ao Dai Thuy Linh

Nowadays, traveling a foreign country has become a hot trend. It means that you explore another culture and belief to broaden your mind and understand more about the places of interest. Through such an interesting journey, you will find yourselves newer and fresher! For more information, you can click: Dragon Pearl JunkVietnam is certainly a wonderful

Top 2 restaurant you must enjoy meal in Halong

Cua Vang Restaurant

Anh Duong – Huong Lan Restaurant Address: 39 Tran Hung Dao-Halong-Quang Ninh. Tel: 033.3825232 – 033.3628887 Website: With an exceptional exterior and a delicate interior design, Anh Duong Huong Lan restaurant stands out from many poorly designed seafood restaurants in Halong Dragon Pearl Junk. The architecture is a perfect harmony created by white on

Hot air balloon ride – unique experience well worth your time (Part 1)

Hot Balloon Ride is exclusive

Since a hot air balloon ride is one of the most recommended things to do for tourists in Myanmar, while in Myanmar, it is strongly suggested that you plan and book this interesting ride. It is likely that you cannot find this unique activity anywhere else, after all, where else you will find the chance

The beauty of Vietnam appear in Kong Skull island

Tan Hoa villages in Quang Binh

When production began there in October 2015, part of the tribal village was shot in Hawaii while in Vietnam itself, the rest of it was filmed, the final on location shooting set in March 2016. In between, the cast and crew filmed the plane crash scene in Australia. All of these seamlessly merge on the

The beauty of Bai Dong- Halong

Bai Dong Halong

Being one of the natural Wonder of the World, Halong Bay is where travelers can enjoy an imposing and impressive natural landscape. What makes Halong have twice been honored as world natural heritage by UNESCO was the factors of history, geology and landscapes. Halong Dragon Pearl Junk In the near future, the beauty of Dragon’s

Popular Types of Halong Tourism


Being full of charm, teeming with indigenous culture, steeped with mysterious caves and magically natural beauty, Halong Bay is extremely famous for being one of the most popular destinations for not only Vietnamese tourists but also international travelers.In a year at any time of season, Halong appeals millions of tourists all over the world. If

Travel to Halong to tast the best squid dish

Cha muc

Referring to Halong level, people do not forget to remember those famous specialties made from the squid  of the coastal countryside as grilled squid, fried squid  or the tart salad, squid  is a kind of sunshine favorite local diners than four because of the diversity of ways of processing. Join us to learn about these dishes