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Top 5 beach hotels in Da Nang

Wooden tea table in Bien Vong Hotel

Da Nang is a well-known city because of its clean beach, magnificent beauty of mountain and friendly local people. Being located in the center of transit. holidays Indochina station between Central and other destinations such as Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham, My Son, Hue and so on, this city is an attractive arrival for tourists.

Accommodation in Vietnam

Accommodation in Vietnam offers high quality service

Varying from basic hostels to beach bungalows to five-star resorts, accommodations in Vietnam are normally cheaper than almost other countries in Southeast Asia, so, if you want to pick a place to stay, Vietnam is such a great destination. Tours of Indochina Stretching from the mountainous North, down to the mouth of the mighty Mekong

Coffee trends in Hanoi

Sidewalk café

It is likely that people may immediately think of a cultural space with various customs and etiquettes from the ancient time when thinking about Hanoi. Coffee and the way local residents enjoy it are also among the most recognizable characteristics of this lovely capital city even though tea is a big thing. Although each working

The reasons why Halong Bay is well worth your children’s time

Splendid floating villages

Taking the top spot among many amazing scenic places in Vietnam, Halong Bay, which is the jewel in this country’s crown, is an astonishing place of special scientific, cultural and historical interest. In term of both exploring and learning on the ship, Halong Bay cruise can be an exciting experience for your children. As embarking

The best time to see Lotus flowers on West Lake

Lotus flowers are sold on the nearby streets

Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam, which is a symbol of divine beauty. So it is not surprising when almost of the tourists who visit Vietnam always want to observe the charming beautiful flower. If you are planning to travel to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, don’t miss a chance to visit thousands of

What need to do to settle down in Hanoi

Meet and make friend with people

At the start of having your new life in a country, it can be teeming with so many challenges. It can be a lot at once as it takes so much time to adjust to a new country, and while getting settled, figuring out your details and housing as well as possibly starting a new

For those who want to book hotel online in Vietnam

Be wary when booking hotel in VietnamBe wary when booking hotel in Vietnam

It is likely that you have known a wide selection of opinions about whether it is better to book a hostel or hotel at the last minute to save money or beforehand. Everything from a large number of reviews, to the payment, to the things you need to check in advance is what you need