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Diverse prices and costs for Halong Bay cruise trip

Prices and costs for Halong Bay cruise trip vary depending on your budget and interest

If the question of why there is such a variation of costs and prices for Halong Bay adventures and the afraid of being scammed are preventing from planning your trip in Halong Bay, the article on “Diverse prices and costs for Halong Bay cruise trip” will get you covered. Halong bay Jasmine cruise Transportation Open Bus:

Some places to visit in Saigon

Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake) is an ideal place for couples to taste Ca Phe Bet and date

Saigon, Hanoi is the two biggest cities of Vietnam. Travelling to Vietnam, enjoying specialties and visiting whole the scenes of Hanoi without discovering Saigon, you will be regarded as you have never traveled to Vietnam. Today I will take you to Saigon and visit some highlight destinations in Saigon. Travel Indochina Vietnam The post office

The fishing village in Halong Bay

Children in Cua Van fishing village are at the age of 5 can sail and swim

If Halong Bay is the garden of natural castles on the Earth, Cua Van fishing village will be an unique marvel of fishermen of Halong. Cua Van fishing village was added to the list of 16 most beautiful historic villages of the world in 2012 by Journeyetc.com travel sites. In order to be selected by

Boat to Co To Island

The pristine beauty of Co To Island

Situated near Halong Bay and being a new emerging tourist attraction in the Northern Vietnam, Co To Island still remains its untouched beauty with incredible seascapes and landscapes, white smooth sandy beaches and wonderful turquoise waters. Have you ever wondered how to get to this island? Travel Indochina Vietnam To enjoy a green and fresh

Top 5 Most Gorgeous Beaches In Vietnam

Nha Trang beach, a gorgeous paradise beach

With a coastline of over 2,025 miles, it’s no surprise that Vietnam has many beautiful beaches and many coves with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water ideal for scuba diving disciplines. Daytime sunbathing and sunset late afternoon, it’s nothing more wonderful. Here are the beaches that considered as the “Top 5 most gorgeous beaches