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What makes Nuoc Mam is the special in Phu Quoc island

Drops of Fish Sauce from wooden barrels

Known as the Pearl island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc has been a must-visit destination in the South. With its special location, in the Gulf of Thailand and surrounded by 21 islets, Phu Quoc island owns the most magnificent beaches and picturesque scenes. Indochina travel Vietnam Moreover, Phu Quoc is also one of the notable points

Dishes for breakfast in Vietnam

Banh cuon

Since it is the energy source for a whole hard working day, breakfast plays a very important role. Do you want to know what Vietnamese eat for their breakfast? Let’s discover the most popular breakfast dishes in Vietnam which can both be easily cooked at home and found at restaurants. Vietnam travel packages Pho is

Romantic activities in Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge

Although not being animated and eventful like Ho Chi Minh City – the biggest city of Vietnam, Hanoi has its own amorous and quiet features at every corner. This is the reason why to experience romantic yet private moments together, many couples choose Hanoi as ideal destination for their holiday. Tours in Indochina Walk down