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Top famous “bun moc” stalls in Hanoi, Vietnam

“Bun moc” at Hang Ngang is served with chicken

“Bun moc” is a traditional dish of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a simple dish but it is equally elegant and delicate. Each “bun moc” stalls in Hanoi have a different taste for people choosing. “Bun moc” is needed to have many skills to make a delicious dish but it is still have a traditional flavor

Taste “Bo nuong la lot” – A delicious street dish in Vietnam

The green of this betel make delicious flavor

The Vietnamese people have already know beef in wild betel leaf (“Bo nuong la lot”), the delicious dish in Vietnam. This special dish contains beef mixed with garlic, some shallots and some aromatic spices, is wrapped in wild betel leaves, rolled up as the size you want, and grill in a hot furnace bar. Beef